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Barn Raising next week – Saturday October 9th, 2010!


Next Saturday, October 9th, in honor of the International Work Day to celebrate climate solutions we will be doing simple weatherization work at a home in the Washington Park neighborhood in Providence RI.

We plan to do some insulation work in the basement, seal doors and windows, and replace some light bulbs and shower heads.

We have plenty of volunteers signed up and ready to go, but we’re still looking for a few more team leaders. If you have some weatherization skills that you’ve been itchin’ to share, please get in touch by sending us an email at :

Following this event we are hoping to have another barn raising in November, so get in touch if you’d like to get involved.  : )


May 1st Team Leader Training Success!

ProHEET is thrilled to report that our May 1st Team Leader Training Event was very successful. We had three fantastic trainers from HEET of Cambridge, MA over to teach us a wide range of skills from attic sealing, to band joist insulating, to installing and programming thermostats. We also enjoyed a stellar potluck meal including the now famous (or infamous) vegan chocolate cake. It was killer.

Insulating the band joist!

We started off the morning with some introductions and then, a detailed overview of how to evaluate a home before a barn raising, what to look for on the exterior, interior, and basement of the house. Then we talked about the way that team leaders can clearly teach novice volunteers how to do effective, simple air sealing work.

In the afternoon we split into groups and worked on different tasks. We had a group in the basement, in the attic and doing other interior work such a thermostats, and placing foam gaskets behind light switch plates.

Over the course of just two hours of work, we were able to reduce the cubic feet per minute air leaks in the house by 350 cfm.  That’s good for about $34.54 per year.  Over ten years that will lead to C02 savings of 2940 lbs!!! How’s that for citizens taking climate change action and carbon reduction into their own hands? Not bad!

We were lucky enough to have two Spanish-speaking team leaders in training and a Spanish-speaking trainer from Cambridge. We hope that every single barn raising will be a multilingual event that is welcoming and accessible for everyone in the community. We’re still on the look out for Portuguese-Speakers. If you want to get involved, drop us a line at You can see more pictures of our team leader training on our facebook page, Providence Energy Efficiency Barn-Raising! Also, check back soon for bios of each of our lovely Team Leaders!

Thanks for reading!

-Keally, ProHEET student coordinator